These are public github projects.

I have many projects, what is here is mostly not of great interest or stuff I dont mind sharing.

Here is the link bronzelegs

  • triplestore a simple CRUD triple-store implemented in mongo, mongoose, node, express
    • simple subject, predicate, object model
    • full CRUD
  • Emma for the natural language AI bot I have published:
    • the chat UI
      • the chatbot interface to the backend, also authenticates and handles session, conversation and profile interactions.
    • the mongoose / node backend which is an express app with nested general purpose routers
      • simple CRUD operations for profile management
      • simple login authorization
      • session, conversation controllers
  • Public websites that I throw together -- just yo webapp skeletons I fool around with and put on the web, no MVC's or frameworks here
    • davissoft
    • tdavis.davissoft blog